What is a Type B Camlock?

The best part is that camlock fittings come in different ‘end’ configurations to adapt into your existing pipe and hose set-ups — from Type A through to F and more. Amidst the various types of camlock couplings, you need to know which Type of camlock you need, determined by the specific type of connection you need to make.

The Camlock type B is one of the most popular couplings in the world. In this guide, we will provide a general overview of the type B camlock, its component parts and advantages in detail.

Defining Type B Camlock

Camlock type B is designed with a male thread end and a female cam coupler end. Camlock couplings are simple to operate, versatile and reliable, which is why they rank as one of the most widely used options in industrial connections.

Parts of Camlock Type B Fittings

Key features that define a Camlock Type B fitting are listed below. Let's get an in-depth insight into each one.

  • Female coupler : This side of the camlock makes the camlock connection with a camlock male grooved end. The coupler side has two cam arms that lock in place.
  • Thread end: The Type B camlock has a male threaded end. This thread will either be BSP or NPT threaded depending on your thread requirements and is tapered.
  • Handles: The handles on the camlock coupling type B have cam ends which create a secure seal against the gasket when in the closed position.
  • Gaskets/ Seals: All Camlock Female Couplers are supplied standard with gaskets. Through the action of the cam arms in closed position, the male camlock adapter is seated firmly against the gasket material in the coupler, creating the required seal.
  • Locking pins / R-Clips: All camlocks Camlock couplers should be supplied complete with safety locking pins. These are used to keep the closed cam arms in a safe locked position.

How Does Camlock Type B Work?

Every Camlock connection requires two parts to make a secure connection: a male adapter and a female coupler. Here’s how to install and use it easily.

  • Step 1: Insert the same-size male adapter into the female camlock coupling. The cam arms of the female coupler will open out and up.
  • Step 2: Close both arms down, simultaneously. This will ensure the male adaptor creates a leak-proof seal on the recessed gasket inside the female coupler.
  • Step 3: To disconnect the camlock coupler, simply open the handles and remove the male adapter. Make sure no pressure has accumulated in the line before you disassemble the parts.
  • Step 4: As a final check, you should also ensure that the male adapter and the female coupler are compatible as regards material and gasket material vis-a -vis the chemical composition of the media you are running through your system.

Advantages of Camlock Type B Fittings

Camlock Type B fittings are used in various applications. Let’s explore the advantages of this camlock coupling as below.

  • Cost efficient connection: Camlock type B fittings are affordable compared to conventional ways of connecting hoses and pipes for transferring materials and require no tools.
  • Quick to connect and disconnect: Camlock coupler is quite easy to install and disassemble.
  • Used across industries: Camlock type B couplings are used across industry and are interchangeable with other Camlocks manufactured to similar specifications.

Listed below are several industries where they are used:

  • Oil and gas industry: Camlock couplings manufactured from aluminium facilitate oil distribution across petrochemical industries.
  • Food and beverage industry: Grade-level stainless camlock couplings are specially designed to transfer residue in the food and beverage industry.
  • Agriculture and Irrigation: The agriculture industry makes use of nylon or polypropylene camlock type b to connect to hoses to transmit liquids. They are designed with acid resistance, making them ideal options for agriculture and irrigation applications.
  • Manufacturing Industry: This can include industries working with dyes, ink, and paints. Type B Camlock fittings are quick to connect/ disconnect, which makes for a good option in the manufacturing sector.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Camlock coupling with Stainless steel material caters for hygiene situations. The special features of Stainless Steel make it suitable for pharmaceutical use.
  • Mining Industry: Camlock fittings are used in the mining sector to establish a connection with dewatering systems, water pumps, hydraulic systems and other equipment.
  • Waste management: The stainless steel type B camlock is highly effective in handling wastewater in purification plants.

Safety and Preventative Measures for Camlock Fittings

It is important to follow certain effective measures to properly care for the camlock type B fittings. You should have a routine maintenance schedule to inspect your camlock couplings frequently. Ensure that worn parts on camlock couplings are regularly checked and replaced, as they are subjected to wear and tear. Replacing the parts will help you extend the product's life and help meet the specific safety standards.

Wrapping Up!

Camlock type B fittings are versatile and ideal couplers for many industries. They are vital in ensuring the secure transfer of liquid, gas, and other commodities from the primary source to the final destination without causing leakage at the connection points.

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