About Us

We are an Australian family-owned business with sister companies based in the USA and UK. The business was established in 2016 with the view to bringing the best priced, quality camlock fittings, camlock couplings, stainless steel ball valves and homebrew fittings to the market.

Our focus is the wholesale of Camlock Fittings, Stainless Steel Ball Valves and Brew fittings.

“It is important for us to get the best priced quality fittings to the market. We have built this knowledge up from over 20yrs trading and operating experience in the field”

We supply OEM’s and Resellers across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region. Industries supported include manufacturing, agricultural, food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, municipal, hygienic and general industries.

How we think as a business?

For us at Pacific Fittings we see everyone as a human being. We know that our co-workers and customers are respected individuals in their own right, as fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, fellow human beings who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

As human-centered, we focus on serving and delivering to the wider community as efficiently as we can. If we get this right, we know our business will be right.

It makes sense that we don’t focus on short term profit maximisation, sales incentives nor indulge in price obfuscation and manipulations. We tell it like it is and try bring to market the right price. When and where we can we decrease prices and will let you know.

Call Us: 1300 988 963

Email: sales@pacificfittings.com.au

International Enquiries: For Camlock Coupling enquiries for the USA please contact our sister company Proflow Dynamics at www.proflow-dynamics.com. For any Cam and Groove Fitting enquiries for Europe, UK please contact Action-Sealtite Limited www.actionsealtite.com