1. What is a Type C Camlock Fitting

    What is a Type C Camlock Fitting?

    There are various Types of camlock fittings. A Camlock Type is defined through a combination of whether the camlock end is either an adapter or coupler, and whether the opposite end of each of these connect to either a female or male pipe thread or a hose. The are only two Types of camlock hose coupling that connect to hoses. These are the Type C camlock fitting and the Type E.

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  2. What is a Type B Camlock?

    What is a Type B Camlock?

    Did you know that Type B Camlocks facilitate the transfer of media between pipes and hoses? Camlock couplings are simple to connect and disconnect and are the best alternative to traditional, time-consuming methods.

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  3. How to Measure a Camlock Fitting

    How to Measure a Camlock Fitting?

    Are you seeking the easiest and most effective solution to get a leak-free connection? Then, a cam lock fitting can be your ultimate solution! These cam and groove hose fittings combine to form a totally sealed joint. The fittings are machined to tight tolerances and when moved or pulled in opposite directions maintain the integrity of the seal.

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